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Bedding Atelier has been designing and planning yacht furnishings for decades and knows the secrets of not letting down the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Every time we are called to Bedding Atelier to design and build a yacht interior, our enthusiasm is aroused.
Furnishing a space to be navigated leads us to the opening of a confrontation.


Materials, colours and shapes that have to measure themselves against the majestic beauty of the Sea and the Sun of Salt and Heat. You can do nothing wrong, you have to know your job and you have to be able to navigate it.

Every sofa or bed that will furnish a yacht must be designed with the knowledge that it will move, swaying as it sails the seas in search of happy moments to be told.

Furniture on a yacht is not just about being there, a sofa or a bed must be able to go and come back, accommodating all the emotions of a voyage.

Turning to Bedding Atelier to furnish or renovate your yacht means relying on the experience of those who can boast success and high customer satisfaction in this sector.