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When at Bedding Atelier we start working on the project of a sofa that in its style crosses the centuries of furnishing in the world...

When we at Bedding Atelier started working on the design of a sofa whose style spans the centuries furnishing of world...

History has its own scent, Art takes us back to that world that was, and makes us breathe its perfume. At Bedding Atelier we work so that one of our Sofas smells of the history it represents.

"... there is a strange sound of voices telling the story of the past, which in that Sofa, in that Bed wants to come back to life.
Alla Bedding Atelier ascoltiamo quelle voci.”

Sofas, armchairs and beds produced by Bedding Atelier are works of art and the rooms are their frame. Pictures of sofas, armchairs and beds where we have decided to live our story.

Beauty and Style can only be discovered in the hands and art of those who know the combination of Form and Colour.

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